Vessel was a live, interactive, motion capture performance piece I created with Spencer Cappiello, Manning Qu, Yuhan Zhang, Elizabeth White, and Elizabeth CastaƱo while in graduate school at NYU. For this project, we had a dancer (Elizabeth White) inside a glass room equipped with motion capture cameras, and placed an audience outside of that room, looking in. We asked the audience to send messages with their cell phones, and our dancer would dance in reaction to the words submitted. The messages would also appear and surround a digital rendition of her body, resulting in a highly interactive and visually stunning live-performance piece. Screens surrounded the dancer within the room, and we set up additional screens within the audience area to bring the digital world closer to them as well. We used Unreal Engine, iKinema, OptiTrack, node.js, MotionBuilder, Maya 2018, and After Effects in order to create and present this project.

We re-presented in Fall 2018 at the opening of the RLab mixed reality development facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.